Jitendra Patel - Leadership Team

He is Indian citizen of 31 year old, key investor of M/s. MODERN STEEL INTERNATIONAL LTD. in Uganda for last four years.

He is also in operation in cotton sector in Uganda.

He is one of key promoter and Director in M/s. KUMI COTTON LIMITED. and is operating Mukongoro Ginnery in Kumi District and Arapai Ginnery in Sarotti District which is exporting cotton.

He joined this group as a second key investor.


Maheswaris & Patels group of Industries, known as M & P Group of Companies is a rapidly growing, well – recognized and diversified business based in East Africa.

The group has a very modest beginning in the year 2002 with a business of manufacturing of steel products. In span of 9 years, the group has spread its wings and today under the Group there are vividly diversified business segments ranging from Machineries manufacturing, Sugar production, resort development, constructions, cotton export, etc.


Phone : +256712512442
Email : Info@mpgroupofindustries.com
Website : http://www.mpgroupofindustries.com