Growing with M & P Group


We are a group companies on anew journey of growth, building our financial strength. Our management and employees are strong, bold and committed to serve. We are among the best group companies in East Africa. The current total number of our employees is 1700 and 5700 are employed indirectly in various activities like transportation of scrap, sugar cane, cotton seed, construction etc.


We export our group products to a total number of 6 countries to meet the demands of our customers and consumers among the east African countries.” how it looks great for a new group company to touch 6 countries”.


Our group company is one of the best. It is of a great chance and opportunity to be part of us. We offer you chances to build a great and wonderful career and an opportunity to make a difference. Our group companies attract the very best competent, hardworking, qualified, experienced professionals. It’s high time you became part of the MSIL GROUP Companies. Since six years back, our goal has been simple and clear to stay in business, meet our customer needs and d to maximize profits. As our products and services grow, our mission, vision and values are taking our people and organization to the next level. We have provided a variety of products and services to our customers and aid to various communities. What next!! Add value to our customers, more new business opportunities, innovations and strong relationship with our business associates. What next!!Come and explore, adventure, all things you didn’t know about us and notice the difference in our group company.


Our opportunities as a group of Companies is endless. This is just the beginning and not the end. Things will never be the same always. We have a long way to go and we need you. Our career areas include.


We know that your services are of great value to our group companies that is why we offer opportunities that recognize your contributions and reward your efforts. Opportunities available in administration include record maintenance/archive.


This is our long term strategy questions to ask are, what is the stand of our business partners in one hour, day, week, month, year, century and decade? your analysis will help you find the solution to these questions. This is the biggest challenge we are facing and we need to take on big, bold and he artful plans. Are you ready to share your ideas with us? The opportunities are available in strategic planning and business development.

FINANCE: Opportunities are available in accounting, financial analysis and cashier, Group financial controller, office assistants, accounts administrators.

MANUFACTURING: Through this, we have met needs of our customers in different communities and exceeded our customers satisfaction through production of quality products and services.

MARKETING: It is driving success of our group companies and it is a pleasure to inform you that the quality of our products and services is laid behind our customers. Your ideas and innovative thinking has created are a good reputation of our group company. Opportunities available include, marketing executives.


We are in business and continuing business because of our sales and behind every sale is someone like you .we give our people the resources they need to build long term relationships with our clients who have led to our success in business and enhanced our future business plans and strategies. Opportunities are available in accounts management, operation management and sales analysis.


At M & P group of companies, we strive higher for the very best through production of good and qualitative products which meet the need of our customers.


Opportunities are available in engineering departments and quality assurance i.e. production manager, production engineer, quality control and product development ,electrical engineer, foreman, fitter, melter .we wait for your wonderful and brilliant ideas. PROCUREMENT AND LOGISTICS. Opportunities available in this include procurement manager.


Maheswaris & Patels group of Industries, known as M & P Group of Companies is a rapidly growing, well – recognized and diversified business based in East Africa.

The group has a very modest beginning in the year 2002 with a business of manufacturing of steel products. In span of 9 years, the group has spread its wings and today under the Group there are vividly diversified business segments ranging from Machineries manufacturing, Sugar production, resort development, constructions, cotton export, etc.


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